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Gary takes on the real issues that the mainstream media is afraid to tackle. Tune in to find out the latest about health news, healing, politics, and the economy.

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Videos: Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons state unvaccinated are meantally ill (0:48) Pandemic Amnesty’: Do you Forgive and Forget? (8:19) Experts try to calm the angry AI, w Elon Musk Part 2 –  (8:00) MEP Clare Daly – Speech from Nov 23 (1:12) How Long Would Society Last During a Total Grid Collapse? (14:56)   The ultimate stress buster: L-theanine Columbia University Medical Center,  November 16, 2022 Honestly, who would have thought that stress can cause heart damage equivalent to smoking five cigarettes? This is according to a study conducted by Columbia University Medical Center and published in the American Journal of Cardiology.  The study reveals how an amino acid known as L-theanine reduces both stress levels and heart rate.  As a way to increase stress levels, scientists asked 12 participants to solve a mentally stressful task in four double blind trials. L-theanine was given to participants in one of the four trials before dealing with the stressful task.  In the second group, study subjects took L-theanine midway through the work.  In the third and fourth variations, subjects were respectively given a placebo and nothing at all before attempting the task. In comparison to the placebo group, there was a reduced amount of immunoglobulin (a stress marker in saliva released by the immune system after exposure to viruses, bacteria, and other foreign entities) and a lower heart rate in participants who took L-theanine. The researchers explained that L-theanine works by suppressing the sympathetic nervous system responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response during emergency situations. This is achieved by blocking a chemical known as glutamate (L-glutamic acid) that carries electric signals transmitted from nerve cells to the rest of the body cells. The conclusion was that L-theanine plays a major role in terms of influencing psychology (mind) and physiology (body) function during stressful situation. Greater flavonoid intake associated with less arterial calcification Edith Cowen University (Australia), November 23 2022.  The December 2022 issue of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology reported a study that uncovered a relationship between greater consumption of plant compounds known as flavonoids and decreased calcification in the abdominal aorta, which supplies blood to the abdominal organs and lower limbs.  Greater abdominal aortic calcification has been associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and dementia.  The study included 881 participants in the Perth Longitudinal Study of Ageing Women. Dietary questionnaire responses were analyzed to determine total and individual flavonoid intake.  Women whose total flavonoid intake was among the top 25% of participants had a 36% lower risk of extensive abdominal aortic calcification than women whose intake was among the lowest 25%. Among women whose intake of individual flavonoids known as flavan-3-ols and flavonols was among the top 25%, respective risks were 39% and 38% lower.  Those who consumed 2–6 cups per day of black tea (the main source of total flavonoid intake in this study), had a 16%–42% lower risk of extensive abdominal aortic calcification than women who were not tea drinkers.  “In most populations, a small group of foods and beverages—uniquely high in flavonoids—contribute the bulk of total dietary flavonoid intake,” first author Ben Parmenter noted. “The main contributors are usually black or green tea, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, red wine, apples, raisins/grapes and dark chocolate.”  “Out of the women who don’t drink black tea, higher total non-tea flavonoid intake also appears to protect against extensive calcification of the arteries,” he continued. “This implies flavonoids from sources other than black tea may be protective against abdominal aortic calcification when tea is not consumed.” “Abdominal aortic calcification is a major predictor of vascular disease events, and this study shows intake o

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