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Independent news and stories connecting you to life in Australia and Japanese-speaking Australians. - 世界やオーストラリアのニュース、インタビュー、特集、そしてコミュニティーの話題などを、SBSの日本語放送でお聴きいただけます。

Rádio: SBS Chill

Categorias: Notícias e Política

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[Exclusive] An SBS News investigation has revealed alleged crimes perpetrated by US military personnel serving in Australia, including rape, have been quietly dropped or shifted to the United States. Multiple women have told SBS News they were verbally discouraged from following through on their complaints by senior ranks within the Australian Defence Force. Those claims have been corroborated by serving A-D-F personnel, and in messages detailing the aftermath of the incidents which SBS News has seen.




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