Health Report - Full program podcast

Health Report - Full program podcast

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Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.

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The Strengthening Medicare Report was released recently, and the key recommendations include changes to the digital health environment; working to scope of practice; and modernising My Health Record. Psilocybin and MDMA are now approved as treatments for depression and MDMA—with caveats. And still need co-ordination between clinicians and manufacturers (the TGA has not approved or registered specific psilocybin or MDMA medications). A financial reward for obese people to achieve sustainable weight loss has proved successful—but the general health environment must also be considered. How to make healthy weight work for a whole population and working on how food is presented and for which particular age groups—so a healthy choice can be made

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