Brown Noise for Sleep

Brown Noise for Sleep

Sleep Resonance

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2 hours of heartbeat to relax, studying, helping a baby sleep or for your own personal rest. This is the beating heart sleep sound to use before bedtime. Headphones are recommended for the full experience.

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bruin geluid - bruit brun - braunes rauschen - rumore marrone - ブラウニアンノイズ- ruido marrón - 棕色噪声 - kayumangging ingay - brunt brus

witte ruis - bruit blanc - weißes Rauschen - rumore bianco - 白色雑音 - ruido blanco - 白噪声 - puting ingay - vitt brus

雨声 - ingay ng ulan - Regengeräusche - rumore della pioggia - ruido de lluvia - 雨音 - regn brus - barulho da chuva - bruit de pluie

雨打雷 - ulan at kulog - Regen und Donner - pioggia e tuoni - lluvia y truenos - 雨と雷 - regn och åska - chuva e trovão - pluie et tonnerre

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